Training Center Openings Now Total 29 Entering Q4

GOLFTEC is proud to announce that we opened seven Training Centers during the third quarter of 2022, continuing our expansion nationally and worldwide. These new Training Centers will provide more opportunity for current and future Students to experience why we are the world leader in golf lessons and premium club fittings.

Five brand new GOLFTEC Training Centers opened in the heart of some of the most established golf communities.

GOLFTEC also opened two Training Centers that were relocations of an existing facility.

With these new facilities featuring updated Training Bays, new hitting mats and screens, and the vibrant look and feel you find in all new GOLFTEC Centers, we will now be able to better serve Students in these areas.

GOLFTEC Training Centers feature Training Bays, TECFIT Shaft and Clubhead walls, and Putting Greens

“Each new Training Center we open provides opportunities for us to continue to fulfill our mission of helping people play better golf. It’s exciting to bring our technology-based lessons and club fittings to all these great golf communities. As the game continues to grow, we’re proud to be the world leader in golf improvement, helping everyone play their best.”

Joe Assell, GOLFTEC Co-Founder and CEO

Every GOLFTEC Training Center in the world offers a one-of-a-kind improvement experience that provides students and coaches with access to state-of-the-art technology and everything a golfer needs to improve their game.

  • Training Bays used for lessons, club fittings and private practice.
  • TECSWING – GOLFTEC’s proprietary instruction software.
  • OptiMotion – GOLFTEC’s groundbreaking motion capture and analysis system.
  • Launch monitors from Foresight Sports.
  • A Tour-level club fitting experience with access to a huge selection of brands and hittable combinations of clubheads and shafts.
  • Indoor putting greens and lessons enhanced by TECPUTT, a motion technology that analyzes face angle, loft and path direction of putting strokes.
TECFIT Shaft and Clubhead Wall

Last, but certainly not least, all GOLFTEC locations are staffed by PGA accredited instructors who have graduated from GOLFTEC University – one of the most advanced and respected golf training programs in the world. Many GOLFTEC Coaches have taught thousands of lessons and have been recognized throughout the industry for their expertise as golf coaches, mentors and leaders in their community.

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