For a limited time, GOLFTEC is offering FREE Virtual Lessons during COVID-19 Pandemic

By Sabrina Naccarato

For a lot of people, myself included, golf is more than a game. It’s four hours away from work. It’s a time when I can get my competitive juices flowing while having some fun. And maybe most importantly, it’s time with family and friends.

Recently those times have been few are far between and I’m certain I’m not the only person who’s been longing the feeling of a crisp iron strike.

“During times of adversity, golf can be an incredible refuge and escape,” said Joe Assell, CEO and Co-Founder of GOLFTEC. And that’s exactly why GOLFTEC has spent the last two months developing the next best thing to providing in-bay experiences for golfers across the country: virtual lessons.

“Our team is thrilled to be offering virtual lessons for free to anyone in North America. We’re excited to be giving back to golf during a time of need—this is our gift to anyone who shares our love of the game and who would like the chance to connect with one of our amazing Coaches,” said Assell.

FREE Virtual Lessons

Virtual Lessons from GOLFTEC will give any golfer with a passion to improve the opportunity to connect with one of GOLFTEC’s world-class Coaches in an interactive and personalized session. The innovative experience enables golfers to upload a video of their swing and schedule a time to discuss their game in a live video-conference with a GOLFTEC Coach. The entire process can be done from the safety and comfort of a golfer’s home and for a limited time is free to everyone.

Golfers interested in a virtual lesson can submit their swings via the GOLFTEC App, available for free on iOS and Android devices for a limited time. The App allows the golfer to upload their swing and schedule their Virtual Lesson with a GOLFTEC Coach. No other software is necessary. Virtual Lessons will take place inside the App and will be powered by TECSWING, GOLFTEC’s world-renowned teaching technology. Each lesson will be recorded and available within the App to re-watch as often as they like.

“We’ve been at the drawing board figuring out the best way to provide virtual lessons over the past couple of weeks,” said Nick Clearwater, Vice President of Instruction and a 2019/2020 Best Teacher In Your State winner. “Numerous technologies exist to let people connect virtually, but they aren’t great golf lesson experiences – they’re about having meetings. Our team sat down with the goal of tying in our own teaching software to provide the best possible virtual golf lesson experience.”

Assell added, “Our Coaches are the most passionate advocates for golf improvement, and these virtual lessons are as much for them as for golfers. I’m really proud of the innovation the GOLFTEC team delivered in such a short timeframe. We wanted to provide something with the same interactivity students receive in our Centers so our Coaches could get back to doing what they love – teaching and helping people play better golf.”

Every golfer receives two free virtual lesson credits when they create their free account on the GOLFTEC app, which can then be used for swing analysis or golf club consultations. For those golfers who are still under strict orders to stay at home or who still feel a little weary about going out into public quite yet, this is for you. This is for every golfer who’s missing that connection on the golf course, in our GOLFTEC bays or simply the feeling of a club in your hands, we’re bringing you the next best thing.

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