The new Swing Overlay feature in TECSWING enhances lessons

At GOLFTEC, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology in our world-class lessons and club fittings. With that said, our latest innovation – Swing Overlay – is now available in every GOLFTEC and Coaches are implementing this incredible tool to help our Students see their improvement as they play better golf.

Swing Overlay allows Coaches to record two different swings then place them over the top of each other. Because the images are transparent, you will be able to see both swings simultaneously. This gives Coaches the opportunity to show how two swings differ throughout the same positions in the swings.

Seeing is believing. Students will love being able to see before and after swings at the same time, providing instant feedback as they go through their swing journey.

In the example, GOLFTEC’s Bryan Collins is demonstrating bringing the club back on the backswing. You can see from the overlay that Bryan’s club position is drastically different as he gets to the same point in each of the swings.

Using our new overlay feature Bryan demonstrates a backswing that is out and away from his body, versus a backswing that is in and close to his body

GOLFTEC’s teaching software has always made visualizing what any golfer does and how to do it better, easy to understand. That said, transparently laying one swing on top of another makes a golfer’s problems easy to see and impossible to ignore. Using facts, data, and visual comparisons that demonstrate before and after improvements are the best tools for teaching golf and getting better at the game.”

Nick Clearwater, GOLFTEC VP of Instruction

Each of the following videos utilize Swing Overlay as part of the Coach instruction. To have your swing analyzed on TECSWING using Swing Overlay fill out the form below and a GOLFTEC Coach will contact you to get started!

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