The Edel EAS Putter Fitting System is now available at over 130 GOLFTEC Locations

Get fit and putt better with the Edel EAS Fitting System, available at GOLFTEC

Rooted in a shared desire to help people play better golf, GOLFTEC and Edel have teamed up to bring the Edel Golf EAS Fitting System to even more golfers. Watch the video for a comprehensive look at what goes into an Edel Putter fitting at GOLFTEC.

This continued partnership provides a significant leap in putter fitting to our current and future Student base by further expanding the rollout of the EAS Fitting Cart. After a successful year one, this next step highlights the success between the two companies and the commitment to improving the games of golfers everywhere.

“It’s really been a great relationship that has blossomed over the past year. Edel Golf and GOLFTEC have very similar beliefs when it comes to improving the ability of every player it touches. GOLFTEC’s commitment to understanding, teaching and embracing such a thorough putter fitting process is incredibly impressive. It’s fun to work with like minded strategic partners.”

Chris Koske, Edel VP of Sales and Marketing

The key technology of the EAS putter line is built around the ability to customize a large number of variables to fit just about anybody with a specific focus on fitting aim and speed.

The interchangeable alignment plates, coupled with the ability to fit to a person’s specific aim bias really sets this line of putters apart.

With four different head shapes, multiple alignment plate options, five different head weight options, endless counterweight options by using the Tour Lock Pro Opti-Vibe weighting system, and a number of stock and custom grip options, the EAS putter line has completely changed the game for fitting customization.

With Edel’s EAS System, putters can be customized for look, aim, weight, and speed

“We were on the hunt for a complete fitting system for some time and after a thorough test period, a full rollout just made sense. We thought it would be a good addition to our locations, but our coaches really embraced the technology, and the feedback from our Students has been amazing.”

Mike Helfrich, GOLFTEC VP of Merchandising and Fitting

Ready to get started?

Fill out this form and a GOLFTEC Coach will contact you to discuss getting a putter fitting using the Edel EAS System. Also, tell us about your game and how we can help you play your best golf.

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