Mizuno Engineer Chris Voshall Goes In-Depth With The New ST 220 Drivers

In this edition of Club Explorers, GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater and Brad Skupaka talk with Mizuno engineer Chris Voshall about their new ST 220 line of drivers. Mizuno offers three models this year, the ST-G, ST-Z, and ST-X. Check out the video for a full, in-depth look at each driver and which one is the best match for your game.

Evolution of Mizuno Drivers

According to Voshall, drivers have become an evolutionary thing for Mizuno.

Gone are the days of the MP or JPX drivers. Instead, Mizuno has found consistency in their ST (Speed Technology) platform, now entering its fourth generation.

The three models within the lineup this year are the ST-G, ST-Z, and ST-X. Each one is weighted a little bit different and will suit different types of players.

The new Mizuno ST 220 driver lineup includes three models.

Which Mizuno ST Driver is Right for You?

Determining which driver head is right for you can have a big impact on your performance on the course. Throughout the video, Chris breaks down the differences for Nick and Brad.

The ST-G has a lot of moving parts with three weight tracks, and according to Voshall is the ultimate fitting tool. Moving weights to different tracks can really dial in a player for launch angle, spin rate, direction, loft and lie angle.

The amount of weight you are able to move between the different tracks is among the most of any manufacturer. With this model you are able to remove weights, put both weights in the same track, or leave tracks empty, giving players the ability to make use of every single gram of weight.

The ST-G allows golfers to adjust weights between three separate weight tracks.

Moving into the ST-Z and ST-X, the movable weight track from the ST-G is gone, and instead these drivers feature a fixed 20-gram weight in the back of the club.

The amount of carbon that is displacing titanium is about 40% greater in the ST-Z and ST-X than the ST-G, making the head lighter to be able to support the 20-gram weight. This also creates a counter balance to the face, which is generally the heaviest part of a driver.

The main difference between the ST-Z and ST-X is where the rear weight is placed. The ST-Z weight is in the middle, while the ST-X weight is moved towards the heel, providing a slight draw bias.

The rear 20-gram weights in the ST-X (left) and ST-Z (right) are in slightly different positions.

All of Mizuno’s new drivers feature a specialized SAT 2041 Beta Titanium face, which is a material that flexes and recovers quickly. What that means for you is more ball speed and longer drives. To find the right Mizuno driver for your game, find the local GOLFTEC in your area and get fit today!

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