April 18, 2024

In celebration of the inauguration of GOLFTEC’s inaugural NYC center, our CEO and founder, Joe Assell, joined Michael Breed on “A New Breed of Golf” show, to discuss the latest innovations that are changing the way golfers learn and improve their game. Check out the highlights of the conversation.

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Michael Breed: Explain to the listeners GOLFTEC’s model, because a lot of people think that you can’t really take instruction and do what you all have done.

Joe Assell: You know, we’ve had just an incredible run and some incredible success, helping people play better golf, we’re at 262 locations now, worldwide. And when you walk into a GOLFTEC, you’re really going to have the opportunity to do three things: Take a great golf lesson from a PGA professional, powered by our proprietary technology, OptiMotion, and get your clubs fitted to help you shoot the lowest score. And then we allow our students to come back and practice using our technology in between lessons, so they make sure they’re continuing to improve.

MB: OptiMotion was featured on CBS, Masters.com and Masters on the range. What is OptiMotion? 

JA: Since day one, almost 30 years, we have taught golf using measurements and facts and research, and to do that you have to measure the swing. Historically, we use sensors and straps and different ways to do it. But recently, in the last few years, we’ve developed a new technology that is measured only through a camera, you no longer need anything on your body. And we’ve advanced that technology to where it can work on only one camera, hence a CBS broadcast camera, as you’ve been seeing recently with our partnership with them. We’re able to measure thousands of data points on a golf swing. We have model swings based on the best players in the world, and how they swing, but we also have model swings based on people who shoot in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Wherever you might aspire to be as a golfer, we can guide you to a swing that will get you there. And the exact same technology that you’ve seen on CBS recently is what is in all of our centers. So when you walk into a GOLFTEC, your swing will be recorded using OptiMotion and it just gives our coaches an extra level of information to help coach you better.

MB: You have other technology that you’re using to assist people with improvement in their game, correct? 

JA: Yes. So we also own SkyTrak. And we have SkyTrak launch monitors in all of our GOLFTEC bays, which gives us all of the data we need on your club head, your ball flight, and where your ball goes. And we can help you understand the results of your swing in the shot that you had.

MB: So you don’t necessarily have to be outside, correct? You’re able to see what’s taking place with the motion, and then also you’re able to see what the golf ball would have done by the use of the simulator and get an understanding of the curve of the shot, the speed of the ball, the distance, etc. 
JA: Absolutely. Right now all of that is in one of our 260 centers worldwide, but working in or via your SkyTrak. If you own a SkyTrak and have it in your house, we’ve sold over 80,000 of them, so there are a lot of those out there as well. Next, we’re working to bring this to your smartphone, where you can have GOLFTEC anywhere. Hopefully later this year that will be out.

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