Analysis contrasted Tom Kim’s ‘Wonderful, Simple, Uncomplicated’ Swing with Akshay Bhatia’s ‘Young Man’s Modern Swing’

DENVER [June 26 , 2024]GOLFTEC, the world leader in game improvement, was featured on last weekend’s Travelers Championship broadcast, as CBS used OptiMotion to analyze the contrasting swings of runner-up Tom Kim and fifth-placed Akshay Bhatia — after previously analyzing the swing of winner Scottie Scheffler on multiple occasions this season.

The breakdown continued to show how GOLFTEC’s AI-centered technology has helped students improve by an average of seven shots.

“Every swing is unique, and OptiMotion allows us to see details that the human eye alone cannot,” said Joe Assell, CEO of GOLFTEC Enterprises. “In analyzing Tom Kim’s swing, a few week’s after Scottie Scheffler’s, CBS really showed how this technology can benefit every golfer.”

The 22-year-old Kim, who lost to Scheffler on the first playoff hole, has won three times on the PGA Tour. The CBS team used OptiMotion to highlight two key elements of his swing:

  • A minimal wrist hinge, which allows Kim to generate power while keeping his swing short.
  • A 40-degree shoulder tilt at the top of his backswing, which is slightly more than the PGA Tour average of 36 degrees and allows Kim to create torque. 

“This is a wonderful, simple and uncomplicated swing that is built for a very accurate fade,” CBS analyst Trevor Immelman said as he analyzed Kim’s swing on the broadcast.

The 22-year-old Bhatia, who joined Kim and Scheffler in Sunday’s final group, has won twice on the PGA Tour. The CBS team used OptiMotion to highlight a few elements of his swing:

  • A 113-degree shoulder turn at the top of his swing, which is 17 degrees more than the tournament average and partially responsible for power generation.
  • His tendency to jump up and back off his front foot during follow through, as well as the steadiness of his back foot in contrast to Scheffler.

“This is a young man’s, modern golf swing,” Immelman said. 

CBS had examined the swing of Scheffler, who has now won six times in 2024, multiple times in recent weeks. At the Memorial Tournament, Immelman focused on elements that have made him perhaps the best iron player in golf. At the top of his swing, Scheffler’s 1.1-degree sternum shift toward the target and 0.7-degree hip shift toward the target both exceed the PGA Tour average. 

OptiMotion, powered by a proprietary AI model, is the wireless and sensorless motion-capture technology that measures 15 specific joint centers within the body and collects more than 4,000 data points in every swing. Available in every GOLFTEC, it’s the foundation that every GOLFTEC coach uses to build easy-to-understand, practical improvement plans.

The technology can be used anywhere on site during broadcasts — from on course to practice areas. With GOLFTEC’s digital library of more than 14 million golf swings, OptiMotion enabled CBS analysts to provide viewers with biomechanical swing data about hip turn, hip sway, shoulder tilt and other key elements.

Operating across 262 locations globally, GOLFTEC allows members to be taught by the best coaches, practice with the latest technology and get fitted into the right clubs — a system that has helped GOLFTEC students improve by an average of seven shots and gain more than 20 yards off the tee.

In addition to OptiMotion, GOLFTEC centers feature SKYTRAK+ launch monitors, and offer private lessons and a custom club fitting program to provide members access to the latest equipment from leading brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, PING, Mizuno and more.



GOLFTEC is the world leader in golf improvement, with a global presence of more than 260 locations worldwide and a dedicated team of more than 1,000 Certified Personal Coaches. Founded in 1995, GOLFTEC has been unwavering in its mission to help golfers unlock their potential with innovative instruction – informed by proprietary game improvement technology, including OptiMotion.  GOLFTEC’s innovative system has helped millions of golfers improve by an average of seven shots and gain more than 20 yards off the tee. In 2023, GOLFTEC expanded its portfolio with acquisitions of SKYTRAK and 24/7 Golf. For more information, visit